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My Favorite Classical Music Websites for Kids

Let’s face it, technology is essential to life, and kids spend a LOT of their time using it! Because of this, I love integrating technology into music education, and I have some favorite websites that I recommend!

Although these websites may not be specific to piano lessons (we will get to those in another post!), they will be a great supplement to your child’s musical learning experience!  There are many things that they will learn here that can be transferable to their piano lessons to help them grow into a well-rounded musician.

Chuck Vanderchuck takes kids through many genres of music.  Some include Classical, Jazz, Salsa, Blues, Rock and Roll using games and videos to educate them.  I used this website often when I was teaching in the classroom, and my kids always LOVED it!  Chuck is SO silly!

This Listening Adventures game that uses Benjamin Britten’s Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is AMAZING!  Kids will learn about the instruments of the orchestra while solving puzzle games and learning about Britten’s most popular work for young people.  Although a login isn’t necessary to play, there is an option to create one.

This game makes opera fun!!  Kids will go behind the scenes of Engelbert Humperdinck’s opera Hansel and Gretel.  They will learn about staging, props, and the genre of opera.  This is a super creative game! The animation may be a little bit scary for tiny kiddos, though.  So, I recommend this for 3rd grade and up.

This is the website of the San Fransisco Symphony.  It’s got great information on instruments and composers. All while your kids play interactive games!

Additional Resource:

If your child enjoys learning about the orchestra through these websites, they will love this book!

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