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Digital and Acoustic Pianos: Which One Do I Buy? Part 1

So, your child is taking piano lessons, and now you need to buy them an acoustic or digital instrument to practice on?

Great!  They will be so excited!

But, I know that there are always questions and concerns about investing in a new piano.  They can take up a lot of space in your home, they can be rather expensive and there are SO many to choose from!  How do you know that you are getting a good-quality instrument that will work for your family?

Before laying out different options in instruments, you need to know the answers to these questions:

1. What kind of space do you have in your home for an instrument?

2. How much is in your budget for a new instrument and it’s future maintenance?

Both of these things will greatly impact your decision on an instrument, so make sure that you keep your answers in mind while you begin your search.

Now, let’s discuss your two main options: digital and acoustic pianos! Which one is right for you? Read on!

Piano Lessons in Vestavia - Digital Piano

Part 1:  Digital Pianos

These instruments are great for those living in small spaces with tight budgets!  While they are definitely not acoustic pianos, there are many digital instruments that provide the similar touch and sound to a real piano.

They also have some great perks!  Digital pianos can have useful recording capabilities and built-in metronomes.  In addition, some have numerous other instrument sounds and gadgets which can be really fun.

Here are some tips for shopping for digital pianos:
1.  Make sure that it is a full keyboard.

Some digital pianos come with shorter keyboards, so you’ll want to be sure that any that you are considering have a full 88 keys.

2.  Invest in a good pedal.

A lot of digital pianos come with pedals, but they are terrible, little square things that are no where near the same as an acoustic piano’s pedal.  You’ll want to at least invest in a pedal like this On-Stage, trust me!  Certainly, if you can invest in a pedal attachment that contains two or all three pedals, that is best.

3.  Make sure the keys are weighted.

Having weighted keys on an digital piano means that the keys are designed to respond to the pianist’s touch the way that an acoustic piano’s action would.  This is super important because it allows the pianist to have control of their sound as they play.  It also aids in developing technique.

Yamaha and Roland have some really great digital pianos for decent price points.  I love my portable Roland FP-30!

Maybe you’re not interested in a digital piano, but you need some help finding an acoustic one!   Check out my next post about buying an acoustic piano!

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